society is out of control
time to try and bring in the reins

the next generation of teenagers are going to be more dangerous than the generations before
too many parents wait too long to educate their kids
parents wait till their sons and daughters are 15 before they get into the issues of sex, appropriate language, drugs, and learning to drive
our children have been learning about all of these things since we took them home from the hospital
as we instruct through example

as I move about the city I can not believe how parent's drive
with their kids by their side they talk on their cell phones and check their Blackberry
they roll through stop signs... ignoring the stop line and never making a complete stop
they fail to yeild to pedestrians
and of course they pass cyclist too fast and too close
this is no comedy of errors
these are all inappropriate for any driver
yet more dangerous for the young less experienced driver

16 year olds should not drive
(which is a separate issue)

it is against the law to talk on a cell phone without a hands free device in DC
I think that if the police thought that the seat belt campaign was worth enforcing
they need to outlaw handhelds
and start enforcing the laws
not a ticket
but ticket and points for a behavior that is clearly reckless driving

the situation of a young driver toying with these tools is beyond me
what could be so important?

okay... I was a teen... I know... it is all so important
if it were a simple rule or NO
perhaps a simple rule of NEVER
there would be less fender benders
and certainly fewer accidents ending in death

another handheld case involving death

I spat this out fast as work is everywhere hope it makes some sense

don't get me started with the Rap Music and the MTV Video Games!

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