What ever happened to Featherhead?
earlier this week I got a random email
as it turns out someone Googled Featherhead in an effort to find Jim Rapp
well... they did not find Jim Rapp, but they did find me

anyone out there in touch with Jim
anyone know how to get in touch with him
some Independent Film makers are looking to get in touch with him
his story is plenty interesting... I can see the attraction
it is a story I would love to see told on film

email me if you know how to get in touch with Jim Rapp

City Paper
had a cover story about Featherhead as told by Featherhead
Gwadzilla Archive
(worth a peak to see how the blog grows and changes) with mention of Featherhead

Washington City Paper
as much as I love the City Paper.... it is a lot of paper every thursday
especially since so many people grab it
read the News of the Weird and then toss it aside
maybe they could have a stack of print outs of the News of the Weird along side of each Thursday release in an effort to conserve paper

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