so many times I mention that blogging is more than writing
blogging is reading other blogs
blogging is searching randomly about blogs
blogging is being turned onto other blogs
blogging is being turned onto different ideas

reminded me that canada is cooler than the usa by sharing this
most people view MTV CRIBS as their personal UTOPIA here in the states

while my old friend gibby took me down memory lane as these images reminded him and me 3,200 miles away from each other about the C&O Canal

from the gwadzilla archive some rants about my efforts to ride the c&o canal in a day
(sorry if you have to wade a few short posts before that story)

saw Kevin Dillard (a contributer to messenger-esque demon cats) walking home from the fitness expo
did not see his camera
nor did I see his bike
but it did look like he scored some swag
not entirely sure of the photo credits
then again I am not entirely sure that Kevin was coming back from the Fitness Expo
he could have been doing most anything that a person does on a sunday morning in the winter

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