DC Alley Cats
although I am not a messenger
as a cyclist I feel a bond with any and all cycling subcultures
the DC Alley Cat races tend to intrigue me
although I have never done one... the temptation is always there
on a few occassions I met up at the starting point
but my type A personality and family schedule was not working with the several hour delayed starts

I have thought it would be fun to host an alley cat
two alley cat ideas come to mind...

one would be an Urban Mountaibike ride
with an alley-cat-ness to it
it is my understanding that you can take any route you care to
but you must hit certain check points
in the Urban Mountainbike Alley Cat Ride
the check points would all be small technical sections
usually a set of stairs or a similiar such urban obstacle
the trip could take the riders through Malcom X Park for a very long bumpy stair descent
other short cuts through parks would offer more of a cyclocross single track path
loops around monuments

another DC Alley Cat idea that I have floating around my brain is an Alley Cat where the check points go through different DC Traffic Camera paths
this Alley Cat could be documented
it the checkpoints are ordered
then it could be clear not only through the lists at check points
but also through the rapidly refreshing still images of the DC Traffic Cameras
someone would have to have access to several computers
all these computers would have to be on the internet displaying the various traffic cameras
then there would have to be a way to capture the images in video
sounds like a bit of work
in the end it could all be spliced together to give an interesting perspective of an Alley Cat Race

just another idea that will never develop into an action

DC Traffic Cameras: there are more maps then just this page

TRAFFIC LAND: have not gotten a chance to scope this out yet
EarthCam: not useful for this idea, but interesting
Windows Local Live: also fun, this could be fun for giving an added idea of each intersection and the path of the race

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