erasing superstition
it is hard to think of someone who is not superstitious
just that some people are less superstitious than others
religion has its practices that fall into areas that I would call superstitious
think of your everyday life and you may find that you too have some mild superstitious behaviors

this fall I purchased a new specialized cross bike
ordered it as soon as it was made available to me
anticipation was grand
cross is not my thing, yet I do have a love for getting my ass handed to me at the local cross races
well.... after much anticipation my bike came
it was everything I thought it would be

on my first off road ride
perhaps more of a mountain trail than cyclocross terrain I went over the handlebars
my excitement got the best of me
went over the handlebars and dislocated my shoulder
nasty and painful
a moment I hate to relive in my mind
a moment I fear reliving in my future as a cyclist

with my shoulder dislocated I was "off the bike" for a few months
my cross bike collected dust along side several other bikes as I lived bikeless and mended on the sidelines
there was this beautiful new bike collecting dust
a new bike without a ding or a scratch
a bike no worse from a crash that send me to the ER

there were many moments where I stared at the bike wondering if this bike had been stigmatized
thoughts went through my head if I would be able to ride this bike
worse yet
there were thoughts in my head where I questioned whether or not I would ever be able to "love this bike"

a few weeks ago I resumed my daily rides
small rides around town
most rides to work
then a little longer ride after work
the return to the bike had me straddling my Surly Karate Monkey rigid Single Speed
solid and slow.... just like me
after a few weeks on the Surly I started to feel this yearning for a little more resistence
there was the Specialized just begging to be ridden

late last week I took out the Specialized Tri-Cross
no superstitions
just a great bike that is a great ride

the crash was all on me
no blame on the bike

glad to be back on the bike
glad to be on any and all bikes

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