every week should start like today
even better... every day should start like today
this morning I hugged the pillow until nearly 7:30am
woke up slowly as I moved from the bed to the couch
dress my younger son
issued orders to my older son to dress himself
drank my coffee
passed off younger son to babysitter
drove older son to school
drank more coffee as I drove across town
handled a few school related things
spent a few minutes with the kids as my son settled in

drove home
took the dogs for a moist and misty hike in the park
drank more coffee as I hiked
short, but a tad longer than the standard pre-work walk
working the late shift rather than the standard 9-5 freed me up so that I could move about a little more slack

returned the dogs to home
changed into some cycling gear and packed my bag for work
went out on the old, tired, and too small for me Jamis Nova cyclocross bike
did roughly an hour on the bike
the Jamis Nova could use some coffee
got to work
glanced at the clock as I walked in the door
was significantly later than had planned

rushed upstairs
took a hot shower with magnificent water pressure
got my body core temperature back to normal after a brisk ride on the bike
was able to clear the mucus from my nose and from my brain
a hot shower after a ride is much like a cup of coffee
settled into my office by 11am
maybe 30 minutes later than planned
swapping pedals, air in the tires, cleaning and lubbing the chain, putting on a rear fender
these things along with a slew of other morning activities took longer than expected

the morning was not perfect
if I could streamline my efforts
I could have all the good and strip away the bad

last week was started in the same way
only this happened on Tuesday rather than Monday as Monday was a holiday
making last week a more desireable model for weeks to come
now how do I get the government to alter the schedule that every monday is a federal holiday?

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