gone fish'n
this whole experience with the camera is like an afternoon fishing
I put out the line and sometimes I get a bite (bike)
sometimes I go home with nothing
occassionally I get home and I look at the images and find a welcome surprise
other times it is not until I start cooking up the images that I see that I have something
so much has to do with time, timing, and my mood

some people do not want their picture taken
sometimes the cyclists just are not around
most of the time I lack more then the time to walk around the block
so this is what I end up with

what inspires many of these shots are the shots I see from other bicycling bloggers with cameras
there are those in the mountainous states of colorado and even alaska who put up their posts with the glorious vistas
vistas that are an everyday site for them
then I realized
my everyday sites may be interesting to them as well
sites from canadian and european bloggers showed me the similarities of our cities
these blogs also act to inspire

hope you enjoy the images
even if the images are often of nothing

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