it is happening again...
my electric tooth brush is starting to wain
that electric spin has me working things by hand
no longer do I get that post dental cleaning sensation

along with my toothbrush there are varioous other battery operated devices suffering a similar fate
Dean's pirate ship's once with sharp and crisp sounds of sword fights are now muffled with a dull droan
while Grant's firetruck still has lights... its sirens are nothing more than a moan
then there are the toys that are dormant, dead batteries leaving them without a tone
my box of batteries to be recycled is really starting to grow
rather than purchasing another million batteries from Costco perhaps I need to seek out a solid battery charger with rechargeable batteries
this is a concept that I approached a decade ago
but walked away from with frustration as the battery life was too short for playful pleasure
I am certain technology has increased
as far as the toothbrush goes... there are rechargeable mechanisms that is the way for me to go
my wife has one already
after I buzz through my final brushes on this toothbrush rather than more batteries it will be a rechargeable toothbrush that I will buy

sorry if my "on again off again" rhyme scheme sounded like Andre the Giant in The Princess Bride

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