I love lists
list shows
list conversation
personal lists
fatmarc and soiled chamois started me thinking on lists
fatmarc had made mention of his top five movie list
then jason of soiled chamois mentioned The Smiths in his Top Five Song Lists
which had me thinking
but nothing had me thinking so much about lists until my iPOD put out THE SMITHS Rubber Ring
what a great trip back
this classic tune had me trying to create a list which then became two lists
then morphed into a labrynth of great music related experience
when the song ended I wanted more
but the iPod was on shuffle and my glass of wine was upstairs

upstairs also my crisper cleaner digital cable along with a few remaining pieces of holiday chocolate
red wine and chocolate goes on a list of decadent pleasures that occur too often

now back to my tangent... The Smiths in 1985 at Warner Theater must rank in my top five concert/shows in my limited experience concert/show experience
which tangent hops to Bryan Ferry... not a top five concert... although amazing with Johnny Marr at Constitution Hall.... but not top five
although Bryan Ferry's Boys and Girls has to be top five make out albums of all time

thne a Lolapaloosa would rank up in a concert/show experience but maybe more about the good time or the time of the life than the music on stage itself

let me google myself
I most certainly can jog my own memory with a little search for gwadzilla lists
but before that.... I still can not believe that Fatmarc's movie list did not JESCO: THE DANCING OUTLAW
okay, if I am going top five and I may only want to include one documentary
I find that I gave a list of my thoughts on MUST SEE DOCUMENTARIES
so if I have only one documentary maybe Jesco gets the boot from BARAKA
hold on...
Ken Burn's the Civil War

this list idea needs more time

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