morally bankrupt
these are troubled times
seems no one is honest
seems no one is good

people fail to understand the laws of society
people fail to see the meaning of laws and the reason for penalties

fire hydrants
people don't understand what these devices are for
they fail to see why they are not supposed to park in front of them
too often people park in front of them rationalizing... well, this is not a heavily policed area... I will not get a ticket
well, it is not about a ticket... it is about having the hydrant accessible to the fireman in case of fire

fender benders
this is the age of hit and run
if no one is there to see it... it did not happen
no one ever leaves a note anymore
people crunch and ding each others cars and keep on going
no cop no stop

red light cameras
seems that people fail to see the advantage of these cameras
so many people have plastic coatings or aresol sprays on their rear plates
I can understand not wanting the ticket
but how about changing behavior
rather than going through the effort of getting this best anti-camera device
why not stop at red lights?

speed limits
there is an understood standard deviation of exceeding the speed limit
but... seems that people have lost site of the actual limit
when passing a pedestrian crossing the street or a cyclist riding on the road
people should decellerate to a safe speed, preferably below the speed limit
sadly.... people do not slow at all

help me out here
this rant is losing speed
help me finish this thought...

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