punk folklore: FEAR on Saturday Night Live
growing up the message traveled by word of mouth
people told jokes
people spread myth
people spread rumor
this was a time when people took the time to etch their smutty little poem on a public library bathroom stall wall

people told stories
people listened to stories
people told the same stories again and again

a story I had heard and always wanted some validation of is the performance of FEAR on the Saturday Night Live show

this clip must be an amazing piece
to have an amazing band at an amazing time in music history perform not one, not two, but four amazing songs
on top of that...
to have john belushi in the mosh pit of so many who would be come the "whose who" if the dc punk scene

now in the time of the internet the truth can be told
this is what my laptop truth box told me...

Fear 1981– John Belushi was a huge punk-rock fan and his favorite bands were the Dead Boys and Fear. Fear, Hollywood’s most notorious punk band in the early ‘80s, was lead by charismatic soon-to-be actor Lee Ving, who often taunted his audience with homophobic and racist taunts (all in "good fun," ya understand). Fear came on and did two things that made their seldom rerun performance defy all SNL logic: 1. After performing “I Don’t Care About You,” for their first song, they returned with an unheard-of-for-a-punk-band medley of their hits, the unholy trilogy of terror that is “Beef Bologna/New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones/Let's Have A War.” 2. They invited the punker-heavy crowd onstage to mosh… and they did. Lead by Belushi himself, the crowd stormed the stage with such ferocity they immediately trampled the band’s gear and unplugged several instruments. Within seconds, it was chaos… pure, unplanned, history-making chaos. Punk went public that day.

this found here.

still have never seen the clip
never heard it talked about
loved the Elvis Costello clip... it gets it play
the beastie boys covered that move

so why is this wonderful clip stuck in a vault
perhaps a deeper search will find that episode of SNL in 1981
is there a sketch where Andy Warhol plays himself?

perhaps a time when SNL was just Saturday Night Live
and there was no such thing as Sunny D... Tang yes?
sunny d no

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