reality tv
it is nothing new
we all love the soap opera of reality
documentary and documentary film can be a real life soap opera
fact again being stranger than fiction
watching some random GSN network thing
there is this documentary/magazine story on a female marathoner, Rosie Ruiz
me watching tv is not the thing that is so strange
it is what motivates people to do what they do that is strange

here is how Wikpedia tells the Rosie Ruiz story
Anything to Win on GSN

an amazing story
a story that makes me think about a conversation I had with a friend of mine who is a fast roadie type, Wonderbread
he had called
we started chatting
somehow doping came up
neither of us get it
this Rosie Ruiz reminds me of that conversation
surprised I had never heard of Rosie Ruiz
had heard ot such a concept
but did not realize such a thing had actually happened

last week I saw something on the History Channel on Evel Knievel
Now, Evel Knievel was the real deal

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