riding the trainer in the winter
honestly, I find it hard to ride the trainer
right now I am not sure where my trainer is...
was going to dig it out today and ride it tonight
but, the weather was epice so I went for a ride in the outside world

it had been a full day of stuck in the mud and pushing kids around as they sat on skateboards
while grant napped I asked the wife if I could go for a ride

it always happens that way
a half hour ride takes me an hour.... sometimes it takes an hour fifteen
then the two hour plus ride gets finished in an hour forty five
got home to the hot seat
grant woke up early
dean and grant alternated between screaming and crying
one cried while the other screamed
they switched, they repeated
this continued for a while
luckily the dogs had to be walked
so I put on the Petzel and walked the dogs in the woods for 20 minutes or so

not a bad day
an amazing january day

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