rock creek trash
rock creek treasure

this morning as I walked the dogs I surveyed some log steps that I have been gradually working on over the past few years

yes, this is rogue trail work

yes, this is not sanctioned by the national park service

but some of these heavily used paths are not maintained by the park service

fallen trees are not removed
trash is not picked up
trail repair is most definitely not done on these unmarked yet very popular trails
so I often try to pick up the slack

as I looked to see if the latest log additions were starting to take hold
I looked at the area around me

the dogs were panting heavily showing their hot breath in the cold air
the large natural log bridge over the ravine had a slick icy sheen

over to my side was the glistening of a glass bottle

a combination of erosion from the recent rains and perhaps the contraction of the winter earth revealed this bottle to me

so I stepped off the trail and approached the fence that borders the Rockefeller property

to my pleasure the bottle was intact
filled with dirt
somewhat indiscernible
I picked up the bottle then continued a short walk with the dogs

as I walked I inspected my fresh find

the bottle was unique in its shape
very thick glass
far more aesthetically pleasing then the bottling of today's soda products

at a glance it appeared to read, "TRY ME SODA COMPANY"
on the bottom of the bottle was a patent date of the 1920's

the final character unable to be read

I walked I day dreamed about all the project I plot

then I cursed myself for all the projects I never do

ending in a personal promise to at least start some projects
which is better than thinking of them then forgetting them

finished the wooded walk

leashed the dogs
and walked the final sidewalk blocks home

a bottle collector's page
Chosi's Deco Bottle Page
these folks at the Potomac Bottle Collectors are geekier than me
I wonder what the date of this bottle may actually be

I wonder who tossed it there this does link up to the Roosevelt Trail
wonder if Teddy tossed aside as he was shooting squirrels with his buddies

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