the rubik's cube: where did they all go?
anyone a few years older or a few years younger than me most definitely can recall the
Rubik's Cube
rubik's cube was a pop sensation not unlike the hool-a-hoop or yo-yo craze of a time before my time
the rubik's cube was a little more fun than the pet rock
but not really all that much fun
yet as addictive as Tetris
as it was not logic that solved the cube
it was the knowledge of a blind pattern
a pattern I never learned
as I either removed the stickers and replaced them
broke the cube apart and re-assembled it into the matching squares

my point is not a bitter rant of my inability to solve the cube

no, I am not even concerned with the fact that I never owned a "proper" Rubik's cube but always had some sort of off brand rip off that had a slightly different set of colors and moved on a less fluid axis

no... those ideas have nothing to do with my point
my question is....

"where did all the Rubik's Cubes go?"

in the early 1980's certainly most every house in the United States had at least one Rubik's cube or a cheap Taiwanese rip off or a semi-functioning mini-cube on a key chain
but... where did they all go?

that is a lot of Rubik's Cubes?

this to me is not so much a concern for the suspicious disappearance of millions of Rubik's Cubes and other Rubik-like products

but more a matter of the production of things for entertainment
and their place in the world after they are thrown aside
if it is not the Rubik's Cube, it is bicycle, a big wheel, and then a computer
we have all owned different levels of each
upgraded and then discarded the older less desirable model

gotta roll....
more on this idea later
trying to bring this around to eWaste

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