spell with FLICKR
very cool
if you refresh the page it spells the name/word again with different images
you can click on the individual letter to have it select an new one

sent to me from rocco

once again...
thoughts minus action equals nothing
just as
talk minus action equals nothing

some time ago I had these craftly little chinese folk drawings made for my sons
they elderly asian gentleman artistically crafted my son's names with each character done in water color forming the character with various animals and plants

while I watched and waited for this many to complete the process of a heavily haggled deal there were some men selling an modern day rap version of School House Rock
I found it hard to listen to
having an aggressive rapper yell the solution of 2 plus 2 is not how I see my son's learning math

seeing this man who speaks very little english make this great little handy craft made me think of a similar project that the urban american could create
take photographs of graffitti art
have them find attractive forms for each letter in the alphabet
have a laptop and a printer with batteries charged
and bam
you could have people have a custom photo of their children's name...
looks like FLICKr has already done pretty much that!

pretty cool!
wish I thought of it
or should I say....
wish I had done more than just think about it.

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