we never grow up
young old.... it is all the same
petty high school relationships are no different than many adult relationships
people still lie, cheat, and steal
there are adult in groups and adult out groups
people will go to their graves trying to bge cool

the other night a good friend of mine stopped by out of the blue
as it turns out he was doing some pre-spring spring cleaning
he had a few bins of toys
there were blocks, blocks, and more blocks
then some play mobil indians and tee-pees
some very cool stuff

the boys were totally excited
they showed their appreciation by ignoring the adults and escaping in the imaginary world of desert
as presented in miniture by play mobil cacti, rattle snakes, horses, and indians.... indians complete with head dresses

after dinner the indians were put away and it was onto the large maple blocks
funny to see the boys
each child knows the pleasure of building a structure
each child knows the pain of having another destroy that structure
neither child can empathize for the other enough to deny themselves the pleasure of breaking someone else's structure

adults are no different....
no one wants to be buzzed on the crosswalk or on the bicycle by a speeding car
yet... so many of us do it
no one wants cars to be speeding excessively in front of our house or our home
yet... so many of us speed by other people's houses and homes

it can all be so frustrating...
how do we educate the children to empathize?
how do we educate the adult children to empathize?

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