Whale Story
the sad ending of this story sort of puts a damper on my joke
I will present my joke just the same

my wife often likes to share with me pieces of news that she knows that I would find interesting
this is something that I always appreciate
after our morning goodbyes I may sip my coffee and read the paper
somtimes the paper sits out in clear view with a note directing me to various stories

the other day lisa shared with me this story of the Whale headed up the Thames river...
I read the article and turned to lisa and said,
"well, I can understand the whale's goal
as I have heard that the Fish and Chips in London are the best in the world."
to that my wife replied...
"is that a joke?"
if one person finds me funny
or at least gets my jokes
I would think it would be my wife
she gets most of my jokes
most of my jokes are not all that funny

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