29ers and fixies
the other night after work I tried to squeeze in a quick spin before heading home
it is always the best way to shed the day
and well
it would be nice to shed a few pounds as well
but, as of yet that has not happened

rolled through georgetown
then across the key bridge
made a turn onto the mt vernon trail
then before me stood the legendary TNS
I greeted the faces I knew
tried to greet those that I did not know
they welcomed me along
which was gracious as I was on a single while they were all pushing fixies

I accepted their invite to roll with them until it was time for them to turn towards Shirlington
where I would turn back towards home
it did not seem worth my marriage to go out drinking without warning the wife

the head of the pack pulled away
as I rolled far behind at DT's pace
his gearing was lower
and his new rig... well... was not quite road worthy
we rode and we talked
he dropped his chain twice
then I turned around and headed for home

maybe I need to schedule a TNS ride in the future

Jason Stoner's Blog: Discocowboy is not Dead
then chase the links on his page


DiscoCowboy said...

come on, we're always looking for new recruits! I'm feeling a TNS change to more ridin and less swillin', if you're up for it let me know.


iconoclasst said...

I'm feeling a TNS change to more ridin and less swillin'...

Um, I think that's the hem of your skirt you're feeling...