Adrian Fenty for Mayor
I have met Adrian on two occassions

not sure where he stands on all the issues

although I have heard his basic pitch

his parents own a running store in Adams Morgan
his brother races road bikes on a team that is sponsored by the same shop that sponsors my mountainbike team
he grew up in the neighborhood of Mount Pleasant
the same neighborhood where I have lived for more than the last ten years
I know some of his supporters
I have seen his banner's on various friend's lawns

Mayor Anthony Williams seemed like he was headed in the right direction

hopefully if Adrian Fenty wins the election and takes this fine city to the next level
having met him
having seen the support he gets from the people of my neighborhood
I feel that this is a man who could support my interests

even if my interests are as simple as making the public school systems in Washington better and
slowing down the traffic on my street!

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