ah gossip...
we all love gossip
or is it news?
yes, it is gossip
while it is still news
Graham at Go-Clipless is spreading the word that stellar female downhill talent, Marla Streb, is pregnant
good for her
she will be an amazing mom!

there are links to more news on this issue
as well as the link to marla's blog on Go Clipless

was going to put that famous nude shot of Momma Streb on the bike
but thought after my shot below of the young female snowboarder that my blog was starting to be a little too drunk cyclist
hey... I love the drunk cyclist
I wish I had more time and a designate computer to spend more time on the drunk cyclist

go clipless... another blog I go to that I myself would go to more often if I made the link available TO ME!
check out his posts
check out his links

1 comment:

Graham said...

Cut: http://www.goclipless.com

Paste into blogroll.

That's it! haha :-)

Thanks man!