aqua lung
working on a bike is a joy that I do get involved in as frequently as I should
honestly, I put it off...
honestly, I put most everything off

currently most any and every one of my bikes is in some sort of serious need
all of my bikes have been neglected
bike projects that I need to finish have been neglected

with the very winter weather so uncharacteristic of the washington winter so far
snow and slush is the forcast for tomorrow's commute
the old and tired jamis nova cross bike should not be the call
no, the surly karate monkey single speed with rigid fork and 29 inch wheels makes much more sense
the idea to become action took more than just transfering over the time pedals from my beater cross bike to my single speed mountainbike

the rear hub needed some tightening
the tires needed air, not too much air, but some air just the same
leaving things squishy for the slick, slippery, and slushy

once getting started
I was scratching my head looking for tools
had the cone wreches for a quick tightening of the rear hub
yet in my quick scan I could not find a 15mm box wrench to remove the bolt on rear wheel
gave it another quick look then went to my commuter
snagged the surly bottle opener/box wrench combo, Jethro Tool
well, I was immediately flashing back to a conversation the night prior at the WABA auction
where the idea of the multi-tool
I was told of a bottle opener, can opener, ice crusher, ice scooper, drink everything device of mythical proportions
the image was hard to picture in my head
all I cared about was... we know it looked cool, but did it work
apparently this multi-bar tool from some by gone era did in fact work
the Surly Jethro Tool did not work
not enough length to give me the tork
a 15mm wrench did not seem like a hard thing to be
and well
it is not that
better discovered in the basement then on a post work ride or worse yet on a night lap in a 24Hour relay race
stepped back and looked again for a 15mm wrech
certainly I have several and sure enough I found one
loosended the nuts with some effort
thought that I may want to test the Jethro Tool again
then thought that I would just continue with the 15mm wrench and see how the opener side works when I was done

actually I grabbed wine
so that tool could not be used for that task
love the surly bike
love my two surly bikes
know many that love their surly bikes
think all the surly novelty items are fun
love novelty items
but curious if the flask actually holds whiskey?

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