Banff Film Festival

next week here in Washington DC National Geographic is hosting the Banff Mountain Film Festival
there are SIX days of flims
not just mountain biking
but mountain culture... which does happen to include mountain biking

on Tuesday there will be a showing of the Jason Berry film, Off Road to Athens
last year Jason was just a humble ticket holder in the auditorium lucky enough to win a fleece jacket in a raffle
this year... Jason was lucky enough for his wonderful film to make the tour
good work Jason (and company)
keep the films coming!

National Geographic page on the Banff Mountain Film Festival
Banff Centre page
Off Road to Athens


pedalmaniac said...

I saw the best of BMFF when it was here in Vancouver. It looks as though the nightly line up and movies for that matter have changed a bit since being here. Solilochairliftquist is hilarious, and made me think about my skiing life, Becoming a Man in Siberia is a bit frightneng especially if you compare it to our over protective society, Return2Sender-Parallelojams has some amazing climbing and techniques -- I didn't realise that you could use your knee as a "jamming" tool. Hockey Night…in Ladakh was amusing from a Canadian perspective. The Magic Mountain was particularly amazing as I had just met Cynthia (the therapist in the movie) and her assistants as they visited the healthcare facility that I work at and my lab a couple of days before the screening. Balancing Point was an incredibly imaginative movie that you have to see to believe.

I recently saw The Retrospective – Red Bull Rampage at the Vancouver mountain film festival. It was interesting to see the evolution of the madness that rampage pushed.

You should check out as many of these movies as you can. The are all excellent.


Chris, Liz & Jamie said...

Hey! Liz and I will be there on Tuesday. Hope to see you there.