can not help but wonder

after the standard morning routine with the boys then the dogs
I stepped into some winter gear and took in a lung full of cold air as I started my very, very short bicycle commute into work
as I dropped in from Mount Pleasant into Adams Morgan I passed the rear enterence to the National Zoo
as I made the curve I took the full lane
looking ahead to the downhill traffic to be sure that there are no cars looking to make the left hand turn into the zoo in front of me
as my eyes panned the hill of Harvard Street I could not help but notice the activity on top of the small little green space hill

sure enough there was some activity at the homeless hide-away
at the base of the hill was a National Park Service pick up truck
as I made the bend to climb up Adams Mill towards Adams Morgan I passed a Park Police vehicle
at the top of the hill along side the tarp covered tent I could see a female Park Police officer speaking with the Park Ranger

as I focused on the hill and the cars passing fast along side of me I could not help but think....

"did my blog from yesterday aid in blowing the whistle on these characters camped in the urban woods?"

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