Fort Knox Recordings
last night friends vida and rob came over with a bowl of homemade cincinnatti chili

vida brought the chilli
rob brought some home brew and a pre-release of the next Fort Knox Five cd

I popped it right in
the girls were chatting while they stirreed the chilli
while the boys groved with the little boys
a floor of LEGOS at our feet
rob directed me to his personal favorite, track 12 Chariot
my reaction may not have been what rob expected
I loved it
I was confident that I would love it
as I tend to groove on whatever rob plays
be he playing guitar, sitar, or mixing straight on the computer
the movement of Dean and Grant added to the positive review

the chili was awesome
the company was great
a good time was shared by all

Fort Knox Recordings
Cincinatti Chilli
(not sure if this resembles Vida's recipe... but I think any chili with cinnamon served over pasta would qualify as Cincinatti Chili)

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