green space turning brown

these images are less than a mile from each other
both spots are no more than 2 miles from the White House

the district just does appreciate its vast amount of green space

small triangles of green space go to waste
cross foot traffic beats the earth to lifeless soil

the National Park Service does not appreciate its green space either
I can appreciate the National Park Service keeping Rock Creek Park in its natural state
but... currently the natural state of this park is decline, rapid decline
the creek is eating away
there needs to be some action
I see that there are occassional efforts.... some efforts may be more logical than others

I would be willing to see baby steps
as baby steps are better than no steps at all

the Melvin Hazen trail wraps around some National Park offices.... yet the hill erodes in front of their beautiful history stone offices

the site of the green space turning brown reminds me of the lyrics from some old songs by The Samples

the satelitte images borrowed from GOOGLE do not display the loss of vegetation in the parks
the area selected in color actually was highlighted to show two spots where life moves under the radar

here in this urban enviroment there are these little nooks where the homeless live
these men are not former eagle scouts
they clearly do not live by the "pack it in... pack it out" ethic
there is no belief in "take only pictures... leave only footprints"
as these homeless campsites are surrounded by the trash that these men create

my sympathy for these men would be greater if they did not leave such a massive footprint of their presence
I am not blowing the whistle on these urban campers
but... I do wish that there was greater concern to their effect
perhaps more knowledge of their potential threat to the community

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