lindsey jacobellis
wikipedia defines her as
outdoor news tells the story
NBS Olympics
also from NBC Olympics

by now everyone has heard this story many times
it makes for great conversation around the keg
like a sex scandal in the white house
it is at a level that anyone can have an opinion on it
whether you know about politics or not

that air with a grab could have been sweet
but things ended up tasting sour
most certainly very sour
I would think that it would be tough to celebrate that silver medal after that experience

history could have written itself differently
had she stuck the air
landed without issue
well, that air with the grab would have been cover story material
but, she did not stick it
so we are stuck with the crash image instead

what could have been the best day in Lindsey Jacobellis' life
may seem like the worst...
but honestly... as strong as the emotions may be... it really is small in the scheme of things
no one died
she was not shipped off to iraq
she was diagnosed with cancer
she may not have even lost an endorsement
as she is getting more press than if she had won the gold
lemonade... that refreshing drink

the lesson most certainly been learned
her coach
her parents
her friends
her brother and all her riding "bros"
they don't need to say the word
Lindsey stood alone at the finish
watched the gold medalist get mobbed by friends and competitors
no one to share the moment with her

most certainly she will have a bruised ego for a while
and maybe, a bruised tailbone as well
she is young
hopefully there will be many opportunities for redemption
there should be no reason for this moment to define her

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