new template... new look
well... I finally took the time to clean up the page a bit
grabbed a simple and clean template from the BLOGGER WORLD
cut and pasted a copy of my old HTML template into WORD
then made some edits to the new template after it all loaded....

it is simple and clean
but I am not sure if I like it
if I could just get the "hypertext links" to "pop" more
well, I would be satisfied for a bit
I like to share links
and well... the active links seem a bit subtle for the reader to know that there is something active to that word
anyone with some quick HTML advice?

I want to put some time out to try and add more links to this page
there are more and more blogs that I visit that I do not link to
I lack the organization
I am so dependent on using the links of other Bloggers to get me where I need to go

1 comment:

Capt. Jack Sparrow said...

Hey, Gwadzilla, just wanted to say congrats on getting a column in Spokes Magazine! I really enjoyed yours in the March issue. Especially the part where you wrote, "Too many mountain bikers treat the word, 'training,' as a bad word. Mountain biking is supposed to be 'fun.' Well, we all know that it is more fun... to ride ride with the pack then to get dropped off the back...."

Keep up the good work!