Olympic Fever or Spring Fever?
the past few posts have me wondering...
do I have Olympic Fever?
is it Spring Fever?

with a high speed connection you could scan the web all day for OLYMPIC stuff
start here
Olympic Snowboarding Page

then less snowboard specific: espn highlights

I just miss making turns on a snowboard
not that I was ever any good on the snowboard
just a "soul rider"
rode for the feeling
miss that feeling

and on skates...
I am a wall walker
but I do love to watch the Speed Skaters
then the cross country skiing can also be good for the viewer

and finally
what is up with the EPO and the Austrian XC Ski coach?

here is a list of links at IHATEMYCUBICLE that will get you fired from work
or so I am to assume
as I have not opened any of the links
as I am at work
I do not want to get fired from my job
not sure why I am recommending something I know nothing about
but I am

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