what is pancake mountain?
it is hard to say
as I am still not entirely sure
guess an oversimplification would be that pancake mountain is a dc hipsters version of electric company

this weekend past my brother and some friends thought that this weekend's viewing of the first six episodes may be a chance to get the kids together and be entertained at the same time
mission accomplished
the kids had a blast
the adults had a good time as planned
it was an adventure
I shuttled the two boys down to the warehouse (coffee shop) via subway
dean and grant love the metro train
young boys as a run love trains
just as dogs love trucks

once the show started the kids went wild
well, my kids and my brother's kids went wild
most of the other children were a tad younger (the oldest in our group being 5)
the parents of the actually toddling toddlers sheltered their children from the mosh pit that the four cousins had created

it was cool
perhaps we will all gather at the next Pancake Mountain dance party...
while there I spoke with one of the creators of Pancake Mountain, Scott Stuckey
in our exchange I plugged The Fort Knox Five as a great band for their show
DC being a small town, Fort Knox's Rob Myers and Scott Stuckey are already familiar wiht each other
the plug from an outside source may be taken differently
my words were simple and true
my kids dig the new pre-release by FORT KNOX
the feel the music and they move

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