second child blues
tonight I went for a ride that was enough to merit a shower
so, after a tastee dinner with the wee one grant and mommy
I opted for a shower bath
that is when I run the shower and it collects into a bath
the boys get rained on underneith
well, on this night Dean is having a sleep over at grandma's
so, it was just grant and myself
after being soaped down and cleaned up I let the water fill up
once the water started to fill up
I slid down with grant into the tub
the tub may not have been filled with water
but the tub sure was filled with me
funny, before kids I would have never tried to fit in a tub
maybe to soak if I was really really sore.... but not often

grants looked at me with wide eyes
it is not often he sees his massive father in the tub at tub level
grant slide to the side as I slid down
the water level went from shallow to full with a little incidental splash over the side
immediately I thought of how I try to be understanding of the boys when they have an incidental splash over the side
maybe I can be a little more understanding
I got up as quickly as I got in
only being careful not to cause a spill
reached around the corner over the toilet and grabbed some bubble
came back around and slid into my spot
while grant slid into his and uttered... BUBBLES

it was then that I got a million flashes of all the times durning dean's baths he got primo treatment
serious one on one
I blew some bubbles and thought
grant needs those bubbles from gymboree
I don't get to malls very much
and I think gymborees are all in malls
when I am in the malls I want to slip in straight for the register only for the bubbles
but there is always a line
always someone returning something
people are always given gifts from gymboree
that is how I learned about the bubbles
returning something from gymboree
something that did not fit my children
perhaps something that did not suit our style

the second child gets a certain amount of unintentional neglect
not only does this child get bubbles less frequently, normally when he has to share them with his older brother (who is clearly faster at popping and smashing the bubbles as they fall,) and he gets bubbles that are sub gymboree standard

I grew up as the third child.....
I got no bubbles

what do the children of large families do?
do they take pictures of the 5th child?
I guess... if you give the camera to the oldest child
then you may get some photographs

went to the gymboree site
their site is as helpful as their sales people
they need a site that opens with the page BUY GYMBOREE BUBBLES
or at least
have a soda machine at the enterance that dispenses jars of bubbles!
they would sell more bubbles
the bubble buyers would not take the time of the cashiers handling the returns

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