some images of mine up at BIKEMAGIC.COM
I have to admit that I have been having fun with the camera
was thinking that I may want to print one of my photos and give it to my Physical Therapist for my shoulder
as I appreciate his efforts and his progress
would actually give it to the office
as there are many people in their system that make it all enjoyable
very different than my experience with my Physical Terrorist for my post surgery finger
totally different vibe
could not sculpt this PT office to have that PT office sceanario
the arenas are as different at the circus and the zoo
similar yet different

here are the link to BIKE MAGIC

don't get me wrong
my finger's experience with a Physical Terrorist was vital and effect as well
perhap the dwarf dominatrix was exactly what I needed
the process hurt
and well
she was good at her job

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