the trainer
tonight I tried riding the trainer
worked late
actually worked kinda long
rode straight home from work
got home in time to read a book
it was late
the boys were tired
there was not much arguement from the boys about bedtime
lisa took grant to bed
I put dean in bed
dean did not want to be read to
he wanted to read to himself, dinosaurs
I love reading to my kids
but when i have not had dinner and it is approaching 8 PM
well, the body starts running differently
I am a big american car that takes lots of fuel
I am a big american car that takes lots of fuel very often
so, when dean said he did not need me to read to him
I did not argue
we talked for a few minutes
then I went downstairs
in the kitchen I eyed the left over chinese from city lights
oh, it looked so good
but I had promised myself I would ride the trainer
I had already put Pee Wee's Big Adventure by the old laptop in the basement
bike already on the trainer
gear already on the floor
shoe options everywhere
and well
shorts everywhere as well

powered up the old windows 2000 laptop
by the time I was dressed

it was time to put in the DVD and hit play
with a water and a gatorade in front of me I started pedaling through the open credits
the pace may have started a little fast
the music was radical
and well
the opening of the film is a race dream sequence
had to try to keep up with Pee Wee

rode through the film
occassionally losing interest in pedaling
occassionally losing interest in the movie
the trainer is hard for me
it is like homework
and well
I was never very good in school

realizing why a heart rate monitor would be a valuable part of this activity
part of the game
part of what could make riding the trainer indoors a tad more interesting
and well
a tad more effective
some where in all the clutter there is a heart rate monitor
bought a heart rate monitor ten years ago when I ran the Marine Corps Marathon
the watch has been seen in the shuffle in the last few weeks
while I know where the chest piece is
oh... I know where the chest piece is
only I can not picture it right now
it will come to me

forty five minutes into the riding/movie the dvd skipped
I got off the bike
this old machine does this sometime
not sure if it is a RAM issues
not sure if it is an over heating issue
I do not know
it could be a scratch on the dvd
all I know it has happened before
so I try the menu fast forward then play trick I used last time it happened
it did not work
I try it again
I fiddle with the controls
it crashes and closes
I open the dvd program/player again
scroll to menu
the chapters
find my chapter then hit play
throw my leg over the bar
my but on the seat
feeling cocky about how close the chapter selection was to the point where the dvd frozen
then it comes to the part that froze
it freezes again
I am off the bike
I go to the bathroom then drink some water then finish the gatorade
start thinking of that left over chinese from city lights

so I go upstairs
beef fried rice
lemon chicken
dumplings.... oh, I ate some of the dumplings immediately when I came in the door from work
then finsihed the rest of the dumplings when I headed to the basement from the upstairs
no more dumplings
they were awesome
the kids left me all the dipping sauce
there was also white rice
I do like the white rice
so I made myself a plate

I made a variety platter
with my variety platter and went downstairs found the next chapter in this Paul Reuben classic
the hit play, threw my leg over the bike, put my butt on the seat, reached over grabbed my plate, started pedaling, and then started eating

finished my food

thought to myself
Larry Black owner of College Parks Bikes is surrounded by legend including his rare talent to get undressed and dressed again all while riding rollers
well, larry black may get undressed and dressed
while a Clydesdale like myself picks up a bucket of chicken before he gets on the trainer
okay.... this was chinese food
but you get the idea....
so I pedaled for 10 maybe 15 minutes longer maybe longer
the movie skipped again
not sure
I think I rode for an hour.... maybe an hour 15
guess I could check the chapters and the time to get the actual results
would have been easier to calculate had the movie played to the finish and I kept riding
that old laptop gave me the excuse I was looking for to step away from the bike on the trainer

just easier for me to ride outside in the rain and the cold
maybe I should pull out the HID after I put the kids to bed
maybe some mellow night rides when the traffic is gone
maybe the cabin john trails if it freezes or stops raining

maybe I will find a movie that makes me pedal fast and makes me want to stay in front of it enough to get me to stay on the bike for an hour forty five

went upstairs
took a shower
then put on some clothes
when downstairs
then finished the rest of the left over chinese

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GingerStep said...

You are the ultimate multitasker! wow