unbelieveable... I rode the trainer tonight
a few weeks ago I put the bike on the trainer and rode it for the duration of a movie.... Lost in Translation
the movie was beautifully filmed
the plot was....
well, the movie was beautifully filmed
and I was on a trainer
it was actually quite a pleasure
then from that day after whenever I felt it was in the least bit possible I extended my commute on my bike home rather than ride the trainer again at night
the trainer served a certain purpose
even if it was a bit of an avoidance response

some days went without ride
no time to ride after work
no desire to get back on the trainer
always easier to sit on the couch than the bike seat
there have been things in addition to the weather that have given me the alibi for "why not to ride?"
a question I have over a dozen preloaded answers to
all translating into, "I am lazy"
I love to ride... but it is tough as I have a certain disorder... I am chronically lazy
but tonight I had to rush home from work to grab the boys and play entertainer
being such a nice day I was so "jonzing" to ride
so after a great night with the boys I rode
for the film on this evening's short ride I selected a friend's cycling home movie
it was awesome
totally classic
I laughed
I cried
I saw it while I rode my rollers

this old friend todd had assembled some video footage of himself and his core group of friends/cycling buddies The Mud Flounders
The Mud Flounders was a name they created for the old 24 Hours of Canaan races some years ago
the name stuck... they stopped 24 hour racing along with many others as Snowshoe had its faults

the film was a great little document of the Flounders cycling history
seeing some cycling friends love for cycling move from mountainbiking to cyclocross
great to see their passion
great to see their progression
great to see their pleasure
it was great to ride the trainer
it was even more great to break a sweat

45 minutes on the trainer
15 minutes of stretching
10 minutes of shoulder work

the floor beneith the bike was a puddle
seems the Mud Flounders get the heart rate up a little higher than Bill Murray in Lost in Translation

the stretching was light
looking forward to getting back into the yoga

just go the go ahead from my physical therapist to move into full activity
move slowly into full activity
which should include getting back onto dirt in th not so distant future
guess I should get my bikes dirt worthy
sad to admit... my geared Karate Monkey with front shock still has the number from the SM100
which answers my question.... did I race gears or single at the Panarama Paranormal...
guess Redlack and I raced on single speeds in the Clydesdale class
what a great little grass roots event!
what a great last race of the season.

bummer to dislocate my shoulder
bummer to miss the cross season

the season's highlights out weigh the negatives
even with a broken finger/surgery/PT/dislocated shoulder/PT and all the time off the bike there were still 10 races under my belt
great to start thinking of riding and racing in the days to come
the whole experience is so cumulative

the connection of the computer to computer speakers versus riding with headphones was a no brainer
scored major improvement points
and todd's sex pistols, black flag, and contemporary johnny cash in the righ places had me spinning
while Lost in Translation was a much lower heart rate experience

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