uterus tote bag
this is the uterus tote bag

on my urban block with its row houses holding each other up there is a wide variety of occupants

there are cigar smoking republicans

various families of various cultures

older adult couples

our lesbian couple with twins moved a few months ago

and there are
even a few remaining group houses

a wide variety of occupants

within one of the group houses
not the one with the blue grass band of last weekend
but the group house in the other direction down the block
their direction is more to the punk rock side of life
they too have musicians

they also have a creative enteprenurian spirit

in addition to peter and his limited run of custom painted skateboards

there is daisy and her one of a kind clothing
and her uterus tote bags

daisy's uterus tote bags
daisy also converted my City Bikes Shop Dickies work shirt into a vest for the WABA silent auction

and currently... daisy is working on some curtains for our moderately barren house

and of course
I think that the uterus looks a bit like a bike
I always like to bring it back to the bike

check out the Uterus Tote Bag and Daisy's other creations
it may be just the thing for your friend who has everything!

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