Washington Post Article: Car Use Drives Up Fat; Study Says
well... that article is two years old
yet the message is still true today
get out and move
it is that simple

found this old article while trying to track down VELORUTION
got it now.... you should go there now... you should go there often
but then come back here!

also check out Martino's Bike Lane Diary....
he is on a serious film kick right now, oh, bike theme of course
seems that one of his film shorts on a Critical Mass ride is being played
Martino has links to much more worth viewing
nike movie that may make you laugh
(I am not sure if I get it.... but it did make me laugh)

had a thought to bring this all full circle
but lost that thought
go to those sites

one more thing on the weight loss tip...
Jason at Crash and Burn blogs about his passion for cycling
but his past has a secret
he used to be lazy and rather large
he told me he stopped taking in more calories than he was burning and like magic!
here he is
Jason was also inspired by a film on the SM100 by Jason Berry


wolfey said...

velorution, where it's cool to not wear helmets...because even though you may become a statistic, at least people won't think you're afraid of cycling.

gwadzilla said...

one man rides without a helmet...
another man smokes cigarettes...
there are people who drink too much then drive too fast

most of us do something stupid

gwadzilla said...

to finish that thought
okay... I never finish a thought

by no means am I saying that it is acceptable for any of us to do our stupid things
we should all focus on our own stupid things
and hope that those who continue with their stupid ways only inflict their stupidity on themselves