back from vacation, back on the bike

got back from florida yesterday
got back on the bike today

it was a bike filled day as dean and his mini-cohorts mobbed the back alley with their bikes
one friend joined dean on a training wheel-free adventure
they both did well
dean again was more into the notion of skidding his bike than pedalling forward
although he could stay upright and pedal the distance of several garages
his tendency was to skid as soon as he got moving

success just the same
the boy is four and he is having fun on the bike
I seem to recall skidding and dragging my sneakers to be a big part of cycling for many years
turning is a variable that he does not use in the world without training wheels

so through the course of the day bikes were borrowed
training wheeled bike options were present
they all got to ride their bikes
helmets and all

later in the afternoon after things had toned down a bit I snuck out on the bike
managed to hit Rock Creek Park out past the mormon temple
doing an old favorite up and back
spun for about an hour thirty
actually rode the bike and mashed the pedals like I do
more like slamming the pedals than circles
got there and back just the same

returned home
was reminded that the dogs had to go out
as they had not been out since the morning hike on the melvin hazen
well, nothing to speak of
although they were present with the bikes in the back alley
where they spent hours in a stalemate starring at a cat through a impassable fence

good for the kids to get on the bike
good for dad to get on the bike
a good day for all
a good bike filled day for all
it was not planned
there was talk about buying a new bike for the wife
it has been years..... her fisher is pre-trek
a pre-trek hoo koo e koo is not much to speak of

she could use with braking, shifting, and travel.... she has never had any suspension that really worked
technology has come along way
sure people are rushing for rigid single speeds
but the technology is still there for those that want it

no pictures of he biker gang in the alley
too busy participating to play daddy photographer
living and experiencing is more important than documenting
although documenting is vital as well

when I got back from my ride I saw the biker gang was back out
well.... the bikes and helmets were out
which showed signs of a return to the alley for more riding
they were in a neighbor's kid's club house
two young neighbors threw on their helmet and raced me down the block

photo finish reveals a tie to all events
other than the third lap race where i peeled off early and ran into my own backyard

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Martino said...

Hey, nice post! Love your bike stories.