bicycle truck


stupid said...

That's a sweet find.

gwadzilla said...

today at lunch I saw the owner of this bike spinning down the road
my camera was in my pocket
did not have the time to pull the camera out and pull the trigger

the photo thing is like that
it is like a day fishing...
sometimes I go all day without a bite
sometimes I get a nibble only to go home and find I got nothing
while other times the fish just jump into the net
like yesterday
got all sorts of stuff I need to gather and compile to post

gwadzilla said...

perhaps it is less like fishing and more like hunting...
like a sniper in a tree
it is best to be poised and ready
napping or sitting away from my equipment will cause me to lose my shot
today a few bucks passed right in front of my sites
by the time I had my safety off and was ready to pull the trigger i had missed the shot

it is tough to live in such a way to always be ready to get the shot
I am just not that commited