bike snob?

at times I feel guilty for the cards that life has delt me
in some many ways my life is blessed
so many things have just fallen into my lap
sure I deal with the basic bullshit
been to the ER than most anyone I know
but in the scheme of things I am beyond fortunate

at times when i move about with my camera trying to capture photos of characters on their bikes I ignore a large group of the culture

these shots are from florida
but in DC we have the same breed of utilitarian cyclists

the average latino immigrant on a 100 dollar huffy
it is a common scene here in florida
it is an equally common scene on the streets of DC
mount pleasant is filled with magnas and huffys

when look at myself and my assortment of bikes I can feel guilty
my shoes are more expensive than a huffy
my backpack is more pricey than a magna
then there are light systems, helmets, and tools
cycling which is supposed to be this inexpensive option to the car is a hobby that can get quite costly

sure I do some basic dc bicycle advocacy
yes, I donate as much as I can to Chain Reaction here in DC
but still I can not help but feel some sort of guilt for some much is dictated by what we were born into

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