box stores

lots of bikes on the roads of florida
not nearly as many bikes as there are cars
in the scheme of things there really are not that many bikes
the climate and the grade are bicycle friendly
but the grandious SUVs and all the creep cars in the bad boy club are make the roads less than bike friendly

florida is just one big strip mall
I have never seen so many warehouse stores in my life
if they would only build up then they could save some of the natural state
but no
there needs to be a walmart every five miles

it is truly disgusting
and yes
I aided in the madness by spending my money at walmart, checkers, and various other box stores and fast food stands

it is a pity that everyone is so short sighted

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Lee said...

I agree, the build up down there is disgusting. I lived on the Miami side for a while and everyone knows that the whole of south florida will one day be all concrete. I'll even bet building over top of the Everglades is tried one day. For so much beauty down there, there is twice as much nasty concrete. OH well, i still love the beaches, and there is still hope for some of norhtern florida.

Hope you are having a great Vacation!