car culture?

the notion of car culture is not far off from the idea of mullet fashion

the connection of those words fits into that long list of clever oxymorons
you know the list....
naval intellegence
jumbo shrimp
government worker
this list goes on.... feel free to add to the list in the comment section

here... I will add those two ideas to this list
car culture
mullet fashion

fast cars...
fast cars
driving fast
excessive love for your car
all these things are cheesey
vanity plates... ULTRA CHEESEY
almost as cool as a huge OAKLEY STICKER on your windshield

don't get me wrong
I have had a fondness for each and every car I have owned
I believe that everyone should buy a car that they do enjoy
the Honda Element suits me... as does each and every other car I have ever owned
the cars may be an extention of me
but no car can define me
unless you are on the NASCAR circuit.... I hope your car does not define you
and if you are not on the NASCAR circuit... why do you drive like it?

the BMW is the new CAMERO
Ultra Cheesey with its Ultra-Performance
so many goobers in their Obnoxious Driver's machines with the same David Schwimmer haircut that only worked for Pee Wee Herman

too much acceleration
too much top speed
it all adds up to cheese

okay, driving on a winding stretch of road... hugging the curves
there is a certain pleasure to it
but in the city or in residential areas
or while passing a woman pushing a stroller or a group of kids crossing the street?
nothing is achieved by reaching for the power band from each stop
no one is getting anywhere any faster by rolling through stop signs and stop lines
efficiency beats speed every time
I think that the tale of the Tortoise and the Hare should be required reading for Driver's Education
well, I also think that an IQ test should be administered as well
oh, and remove credit from the car purchasing situation
that would put less cars on the road
people may realize that they have other options than driving
other more sensible options

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