as a father of two boys I would have to say that there is a double standard

is what she did wrong?
was it rape?
not sure

it just is not fair...
where was this woman when I was 14?

if we had more teachers like this in the US school system we would certainly have less high school boys cutting class

I feel sorry for her husband
I feel sorry for her next husband

the 14 year old boy...
I am not so sure I feel sorry for him

it is wrong for anyone (even if they are hot) to abuse their position (no pun intended)
there are members of the community that we teach our children to trust; police officers, teachers, and even priests
so... when a child finds themselves in the the presence of a predator.... well the signals must be confusing
now this predator is even more confusing... for the obvious reasons
I am with the judge
I think she should have seen some time... just because she is cute does not mean that she did not commit a crime


yes.. we all want to see video of this woman


Tim said...

Was it wrong? Yup. She violated the trust of parents and the school.

Should she be punished just like a male teacher who has sex with a 14-year-old girl? As a parent I'd like to say yes, but it feels hypocritical.

We all know that just about every other 14-year-old boy in America envies that kid.

And every straight man sees her on the news and asks the same question: Where was she when I was in high school?

I have a hard time believing I would have been "traumatized" by that experience.

gwadzilla said...

I would be willing to take the risk...
get me a time machine
make me fourteen...
get a vixen with that same doe in the headlights look
and well... the same basic package (brain and body)
I will be willing to test if such an experience would tramatize me

oh... cooo... cah chooooo.... mrs. robinson; when she is more the age of mrs robinson's daughter