creativity breeds creativity

creativity breeds creativity?
or is it
crafty breeds crafty?
something spawns something

all the fun on the beach with the sand had the link of my hands and my mind working
so after some stories to the boys at bedtime I went down to the basement to finish up a project

we had some work done on one of the rooms upstairs
basically making the room smaller and enlarging a closet
not grand dream renovation
but, more closet space... and ya know what... we all need more closet space

the additional closet makes for additional wall
which has me working to get some images of the kids to hang on the walls

just as I am creative or perhaps crafty with sand on the beach
I am also occassionally creative or at least crafty with the glue gun

took out the glue gun and some of the boys blocks
the boys have lots of blocks
so I took out some of the boys blocks, some basic frames from IKEA, and the glue gun

with the glue gun warmed up and the iPOD on shuffle I got to work

was able to hear all sorts of good stuff
a random assortment that took me from Quadrophenia to Los Lobos bringing respect to the Dead with a cover of I've Got To Move
then the music shifted into the modern world of Electronica
some great Spanish electronica that I had heard mentioned on NPR:montery mexico

the repetitive nature of the electronic music was just what my mind needed to aid the work flow
managed to get some stuff done
heard some great music that had been hidding on the iPod

I managed to finish the last frame befoe the glue ran out
this gave me an excuse to stop this project
so I ran upstairs
there are many other projects started but not finished yet I migrated upstairs
was pleased with the results
would post an image
but blogger is not working for me image-wise right now
do not feel like wrestling it

the music took my mind down various pathways
the blocks took me down another
the simplicity of the project was a pleaure for my hands
the immediacy of the product results were soothing as well
the scent of the glue gun and the occassionally burned finger tips joined to bring back some fond memories of a decade past in colorado

I recall a similar semi-toxic set of fumes
it was many years ago out in breckenridge, colorado
I had gone from the metal edgeless Burton Woody to an all mountain board by Nitro
it was the early 90's
the choices were fewer and the prices were greater
so I had this 165 millimeter all mountain board that taught me to snowboard

somewhere in going all over the mountain I managed to do some rock damage
the damage destroyed the heel edge right behind each foot
I had no metal breaking edge
I also had no money
so each night I would create an epoxy edge
as I could not create the wad of cash to purchase a new board

at the box store walmart down the road in frisco I bought some epoxy
it was a process of two chemical mixing with the compression of one grand syringe
I used duct tape to catch and partially mold the edge
then allow the epoxy to set over night
in the morning before hitting the mountain I would hit the belt sander
along with the edge repair there would also be some wax melted and poured into the large divots and grooves
some grooves down to the wood core
with the dust still in the air I gave my thanks to my friends at the shop I and was off the the nearest chair

always moving on foot rather than waiting for a shuttle I would march to the base of the mountain
trying to get on the mountain shortly after it opens
or pointed to a section of the mountain that had not yet opened I was always ready to ride
fresh tracks on fresh snow
or at least untracked cordoroy

GS turns down Peak 10 or shooting through the trees on The Burn
traversing across the mountain to get to Six Chair after they clear for avalanches
eating up the inbounds stuff before lunch
expecting to grab somepeople to hike Billy' Bowl or The Ballroom after lunch for a good footstep to turn ratio

on powder days the return to the mon-metal edge held longer than days on crusty or cordoroy
but the out of bounds with the hidden rocks, the invisible stumps, and the snow snakes that took the board back to its state of eminent danger
heel side braking danger
a board that I would not ride on a dare at this point was my only riding option
this once proud Nitro snowboard that left the shop like a Mercedes Benz now moved about the hill like an rusty old chevy nova

to be young
to have the time but not the knowledge or the money to fully enjoy it

cycling is a creative activity
mountainbiking is a creative activity
creative activity breeds creative activity
the blog will get to be more creative as I start riding again
my life as a whole will become more creative
more projects will get done
as I will be more creative
or at least I will feel more creative
others may not see it
but I will most certainly feel it
I love that feeling of being creative

I love shaking that winter funk

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fatmarc said...

I thought it was destruction breeds creativity...