dirt rag is good to me

dirt rag is good to me
a few weeks ago I went ahead and took the plunge
instead of just renewing my subscription I got the subscription for life
makes sense
a few times I have let my subscription lapse and well... I was lazy about renewal
with the season just starting I renewed only missing one issue
which upon ordering the lifetime subscription they asked if I wanted to get the past single subscription that I missed
heck yea!
sure enough in the mail when I got back from vacation was an envelope with last month's dirt rag

a pleasant surprise
went ahead and paged through
then drifted back to the beginning
read a few pieces as I paged through more slowly
taking in the full magazine piece by piece
reading the stories that meet my needs and interest of the moment
images and advertising capture my attention
captions benieth images capture my attention
I read through another article
some commentary
some reviews
eventually getting to the end and reading a great piece
the last and final piece was a contribution by Jeff Guerrero

it was a short article with some nice illustration that I read without knowing that the contributor was the art director
somehow I looked at the illustrator but not the author

the notion of trail maintenance or guriella trail repair is a great feeling
just as their is pride in the improvement/addition/contribution
there is a protective anger when the trail is abused
abuse from riding/walking/riding wide
abuse from trail blazing/short cutting the trail (way the worst)
abuse from leaving trash

I do similar work locally on various hiking trails
to see a simble terraced stair
or a well placed log holding the side of the hill
well... it makes the time spent well worth it

to make a better world we all need to give as well as take
right now there are far too many takers and not enough givers

for some people giving is simple
stop giving abuse
stop giving people trash to pick up
that would be contribution enough to improve the world of tomorrow

volunteering time on the trails
picking up trash
there are a thousand ways to contribute to your community
giving piano lessons would not work for me
as I do not play the piana
but... I try to give where I can
giving as well as taking
even if I just give a little
all the giving is cumulative and that giving adds up

make sure that you give as well as take
and if you give more than me
good for you
I am not saying I give the most... I certainly don't
but as least I give a little

dirt rag image wa something I created a few years ago and was psyched when it was published in the reader's art
here is an amusing gwadzilla archive of that moment in time

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