this week I had the pleasure of attending two nights of the touring Banff Mountain Film Festival at National Geographic here in Washington DC
each and every film was special in its own way
I could rant about each film longer than that particular film's duration
I will spare you the pain
but... I will say
the shortened version of Off Road to Athens was a treat
like an old man at the track I had bet on the horse named Jason Berry
having seen his film last year I knew it was destine to get positive reviews at Banff
sure enough it did

next week in Baltimore the Off Road To Athens film is playing in its entirty
it is a wonderful saga
a saga's whose spin favored no one as much as it did the film maker
head over to The Charles Theater in Baltimore to see the film for yourself
feel free to leave a review in my comments section

as I type various names pop into my head
the themes of the movie follow close behind
chris sharma, grandpa, anatoli boukreev...
the red bull rampage...
off road to athens
and of course
the lost people of mountain village

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Jill said...

The lost people of Mountain Village ... may their Hummers and Prada suitcases rest in peace.