I love Coca Cola

I love Coca Cola
I truly love Coca-Cola
up until recently I drank Coca Cola several times a day
some may say that I was a habitual Coke drinker

well, in an effort to appreciate my love of Coca Cola I have started to limit my intake
rather than reaching for a Coca Cola each time my tongue gets dry
I am going to slow the decision process
as Coca Cola is not what my body needs
it is all more a matter of habit than taste or need

rather than ordering an icy cold coke or cracking open a chilly cold cold can of Coke at each meal I reach for what I need... usually water and sometimes juice
that does not mean that I have stopped drinking Coca Cola
I am just trying to break the robotic behavior of going for Coca Cola rather than considering what I may actually want to drink
there are times when I may actually want a Coke...
at these times I will have a Coke
but, I am going to do this out of taste and desire rather than robotic habit

think about it
next time a waiter asks you what you want to drink
rather than answering before you think
slow it down....
you may prefer a lemonade or an ice tea

there may be some advantages to this...
in addition to the Coca Cola tasting better because it is not such a common taste
there are the health benefits
less caffine intake
less sugar to rot my teeth

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