if each subculture

if each subculture just shared the word that it is better to stop at stop lines than to roll to the middle of the intersection
if each subculture just shared the word that it is better to make a complete stop rather than rolling through all together
think about it
if any cyclist were to alter their behavior while they are in a car
to simply slow to a complete stop at the stop line at each intersection that demands such
well, that in itself would make the roads a safer place

now, if each cyclist could extend this stop sign common sense/common courtesy gesture
well, that would cause an increase in safer drivers which means safer streets
take it to the fabregee shampoo ad
and so on
and so on
and so on

well, each subculture could as individuals take on this same challenge
certainly all mom's would see that this make sense
no mom want to feel threatened that they can not cross the street
never sure if the approaching car is going to stop at the right moment and yeild the right of way
well, I am sure every mom that ever pushed a stroller has more than one story about a close call from a careless driver failing to stop at a stop sign nearly hitting the stroller
not to mention the basic discourteous nature of cars "blocking the box"
sitting stagnant in traffic with the car basically parked over the cross walk
worse yet... blocking the handicap ramp which makes life with a stroller so much easier
yes, the subculture of the mom should be easy to enlist
now, have each mom no matter how new no matter how old each live by this same sense of stop sign common sense and common courtesy
well, have them extend this by infecting one friend with this same notion
perferably a friend... not their husband
although we want their husbands to join the movement
we do not want them being told how to drive by their wives
as that may backfire causing more stop sign running, box blocking, and basic slow roll through that people have come to foolishly accept as okay

let this grow and grow....
any subculture that uses the street would be able to understand this simple improvement to the state of the world
why not?
cyclists and moms extend to roller bladers, walkers/hikers/runners, and so on and so on

but it would not have to only include the subcultures that it immediately benefits
any other subculture should be able to empathise and join the movement as well
rowers know what it is like to feel the wake of some jerk with a mullet on a jetski
as they do not want to be a jerk on a jet ski they will understand that they should make complete stops at the stop line

divers know what it is like to be in fear of having a powerboat propeller run through their back like a saber saw
so this subculture would easily understand what more fun each person on the street would have if they were not paranoid that the approaching car will neglect to stop.... or even not stop in time.... which could be too late

I could rant from subculture to subculture
no matter what the subculture
it would makes sense
it would be an improvement

the positive side effects of this one change in behavior ripples beyond belief

now... how do we get this started?

well, I have started
I spend a lot of time watching in my rear view mirror fearing getting rear ended
too much proper behavior on the road will encite road rage
tried driving the speed limit... that flips people out
there is a reasonable limit of expanding the speed limit
people have exceeded that
there is no reasonable measure of roll through a stop sign
the car either stops or it doesn't
it either stops in time or it doesn't

a no brainer to making this a safer world

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