kill your television

I think that the KILL YOUR TELEVISION people lack cable
just been watching some Comedy Central
The Mind of Mencia and John Stewart are almost enough to justify my yearly cumulative cost
toss in the Sopranos and and some Senfeild reruns and the price is fair

I wonder... do these Kill Your Television types live without a tv?
as a parent of small children I hear parents get onto an anti-television soap box all the time
without hesitation I stop them before they get too deep into their speech
as I try to make it clear.... this is like being vegan, being vegetarian, and being normal
you can not be vegetarian and well... have an occassional burger
too many of these people claim that their lives are television free
when there are aspects of television in their life all the time
are dvds counted as television?
how about when movies are watched on a laptop? does that count?
television is actually the box in the house... not the stations and the programing
if your kids are watching VHS tapes of your wedding... they are watching television

it is not if they watch
it is what they watch and how much...

I have heard some people tell me that they do not have a television in their house
it all sounds like a good plan
then I step back and look at their family and their kids
are they the dream family?
are their kids eveything I want my kids to be?
usually not

I am from the school that if you eat your vegetables you can have some desert
my boys are healthy and active.... if i toss in a little idiot box from time to time...
I think it is okay
they seem to be doing okay

I think that they would have ADD with or without the fast edits of the action films of today

I stole that image of the other idiot box.... the computer
but it is not the computer that is evil... it is the Internet

video games?
si or no?
there are advantages and disadvantages to sheltering your kids from these things
as a child I was often in the dark about pop culture concepts as I was limited to certain programs on television
all the kids were talking about the Bee Gees and Welcome Back Kotter
while I only knew the complete Neil Diamond and Little House on the Prairie
okay... I got to watch the Waltons too


Tim said...

I agree with your line of thinking. A moderate amount of TV isn't going to hurt a kid.

I'm not anti-TV, but I have found that I virtually never watch television anymore. I just use ours for watching DVDs. I'm not willing to pay the price of cable because it's simply not high enough on my entertainment priority list. And there's little on network TV coming through my antenna that's worth watching.

Fortunately, the Internet provides me with enough time-wasting entertainment that I can't be one of those I'm-too-intellectual-to-watch-TV snobs. I watch too many silly video files and read too many bad jokes.

wolfey said...

Kill your TV, Car, Fast Food, etc.

The more I eliminate the things that steal my time and pleasure, the more time I have for the things I really care about. Like riding my bike, and.....I know there's something else.....

gwadzilla said...

wolfey you may be right
but I a creature of habit
a fast food eating hedonist
I want it
I want it now

if I gave up television I would be giving myself so many more hours in the day
on top of that
I would be getting more sleep
there are so many projects that I have ignored
I can always use more sleep
but... like the scorpion and the toad
even if it is my downfall I can not fight my nature