it is not an original thought to hate mondays
a monday after a wonderful vacation can have an even more negative effect
within the notion of the monday blues there is a certain level of apathy and inertia

for those of us that try to stay active or meet certain personal activity requirements
for some it is going to the gym three times a week
others it is yoga three times a week (wish that were me)
then for the cyclist there is the minimum rides perweek

monday is a vital day in this equation
it is the first day of the week
it the individual allows the apathy to dictate the day then they can scratch off this day as a potentially active day
while those whole are concious of this inert monday can combat this apathy and get the first work out in
(yes... I know Sunday starts the week on the calendar)

if a person gets a ride, a yoga session, or a trip to the gym out of the way on Monday
they have started the week in a positive fashion
while also knocking one work out of the fast moving already busy week
if they fail to work out on Monday they may find it to be Thursday morning with no workouts accomplished on that week
thus scratching the week
shrugging the shoulders
and allowing the week to slip by promising to resume working out on the following week
this is a failing approach

there are always a thousand reasons not to work out
don't fall victim to the excuses
it is our nature to be lazy
all animals are lazy by nature
the lion attacks the weakest gazzelle in the herd
a bald eagle will dig through trash before it hunts
most animals will dig through trash before they hunt

the morning and the evening can have a similar effect
within my daily routine I have to schedule in my personal Physical Therapy Exercises
three times a week I am supposed to add onto my regular daily routine some surgical band exercies (a poor man's bowflex)
well, the evening comes along
there are dogs to walk
dinner to eat
kids to play with
then there is the effort of getting the kids to go to sleep and stay in bed

last night as I was getting ready for my evening workout I heard a loud thump from the upstairs
the loud thump was followed by crying
it was dean the older boy not the younger
he has been moved to the twin bed without the rails so that his younger brother can sleep in his room
this is the second time this week he has tumbled out of bed

I rushed upstairs to his aid
as a parent we try not to overplay tripping and falling, the skinning of a knee, or the basic knocking of heads
but, to fall out of bed is a rude awakening
so I went up to try and lessen the blow
managed to get Dean to settle down then back in bed
he was upset but still pretty much asleep through the whole exchange
tried to alter his mood with mention of the return of training wheels to his bike
there was some talk back and forth that was confusing in his half wake/half dream state

so I went back downstairs
just as I was settling in with the Chappelle Show First Season DVD
about to get out my surgical bands and single dumb-bell I heard a second thump
then the sound of crying
then the sound of feet moving rapidly down the hall, then down the stairs
there were tearfilled cries for daddy
we spoke as he rushed down the stairs as I powered off the television and the laptop

dean came running up to me with a red face and tears on his cheek
I knew he wanted to sleep in the "mommy bed"
I granted him his wish
with all the disruption I figured I would go to bed as well
go to bed without finishing my exercies

so, the evenings and the mornings work like the mondays and the week
get it out early
or you may not ever get there
as it the case with my evening efforts to do my PT work out

what will I do today?
I will try to fit in my physical therapy some time before the evening
so it will not get lost in the shuffle

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joe said...

i know i always feel better when i spend some time on the bike (or otherwise active) on monday. it doesn't have to be a lot, but it does set up the week.