New Camelbak

I love gear
new gear can be really refreshing
there is not anything much more refreshing than a new bike
no, I did not get a new bike
but I did get a new camelbak
the camelbak talon to be specific
the new bag is refreshing and not just to my sense of smell

as a commuter there is an evolution of gear
tricks are learned
tips are shared
lessons are learned
bad habits are shed

an individual may develop there own style and system

I am pretty straight up
I like fenders
permanent fenders on the year round commuter
currently I am not sporting that option
although I still prefer it
for lights I wear several flashing lights that exist on my backpack
the lights are there no matter what bike I ride as long as I ride wearng that backpack
that backpack always has a multitool, a 15mm wrench (in case I am riding my single speed,) several tubes (usually a road and a 29er... a cross tube could work for either...... but I tend to travel with both just the same,) and of course a pump
sometimes a patch kit
the pump selection may also change
there usually tends to be some change and maybe a little cash
my rechargable battery headlamp is worn on my helmet
but does not travel with me all the time
time pedals of which I have two pairs that rotate on several different bikes
and of course
several pairs of shoes... pretty much just winter mountain biking shoes and standard mountain bike shoes

so I got this new Camelbak Talon backpack
immediately I got excited
there are functions and versatility that will never meet my needs
the gas mask adaptor and other military adaptations do not fit into my list of simple needs
but there is much that I already like in my limited days of use

there are several pockets
on top of the various pockets there are sub pockets within the pockets that really make it happen
there are many adjustment straps
the chest strap is vital
and the waist strap is removable... and has been removed

so far so good...

already transferred my blinking lights and the monkey and the frog that moved from Grant's crib to my old commuter camelbak a year ago

after some thought I am thinking I should keep a AAA battery operated Petzel in my pack
there is room and I do not mind the weight
sucks to get caught in the dark
hate being a hypocrite
I cuss at every lightless asshole on the bike path
then my battery burns out because I tried to get to nights riding out of one charge
then I am the asshole playing chicken in the dark

the camelbak talon has some military issue funtionality to it
functionality that I already mentioned I wil not need
the bag landed in my hands as it was given to someone who gave it to someone
who did not feel they needed it so they gave it to me
looking at the pack makes me realize how little we think of the reality of the soldiers over seas

the day to day life of a soldier in Iraq is so different than anything I have ever experienced
so different than anything I ever wish to experience
had me thinking of a documentary on HBO

HBO: Last Letters Home

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